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I have been a firearms collector and shooter for the past 38 years and had experienced some problems with the existing range of firearm oils in that they did not fulfil many of the expectations raised by their marketing claims.  I decided to research and develop my own oil to meet my exacting standards.

For more than 28 years I have been making and using Aquila Oil on my collection of firearms, knives, bayonets, reloading equipment such as presses and dies, hand tools, machine tools and many other pieces of equipment with outstanding results.  To date I have not yet found a product that is better, which outlasts competitor’s products for preserving steel and metal parts from the elements.  I have observed that Aquila Oil, which is used and applied more sparingly, lasts on an average three to four times longer than most of the other lubricants/preservatives that I have tried over a period of many years.


Aquila Oil contains a high quality lubricating oil mixed with natural products which will not in any way absorb moisture from the atmosphere.  The light carrier oil has no additives and works on a total loss basis.  It contains no paraffin.


Aquila Oil bonds well with metal parts and once “dry” will not easily rub off.  It is not harmful to rubber, plastics, nylon or other synthetic materials like kevlar, fibreglass, polymers, etc., and will even enhance wood.  I have not found the oil to stain or mar stainless steel, brass or aluminium in any way.  It has not stained my clothing when applied to a concealed carried firearm.

The consistency of Aquila Oil is thick so that it does not run easily.  It has an opaque golden brown colour and does not have an unpleasant smell, although the smell is distinct.


  • Removal of rust

    Should there be rust on a piece of equipment or a blued firearm, the surface must be cleaned well by applying a small amount of Aquila Oil to a piece of fine steel wool.  By rubbing the affected area with gentle pressure in small circular motions so as not to remove the original finish, surface rust may be removed.  This needs to be done with caution.  Once this is completed, wipe the parts down with a rag in preparation for the oil application.  It should be noted that Aquila Oil will not stop rusting if placed over existing rust.
  • Outdoors

    If you are going on a hunt, fishing or planning any other activity where your equipment may be exposed to the elements, we would recommend the following procedure:  After wiping down your rifle, handgun, shotgun, bow or fishing reel well with Aquila Oil, saturate a small piece of cloth with the oil and place it in a seal top plastic bag, such as the coin bags that banks use.  Slip this into your pocket and carry it with you.  Should you be caught in a downpour or your equipment become overly exposed to sweaty hands – maybe not your own – a simple wipe down would suffice as a temporary measure.


When storing firearms, several drops of Aquila Oil can be applied to a patch which can then be wrapped around a jag and pushed through the barrel.  Before use, clean out the barrel with a good nitro solvent, followed by dry patches.


Aquila Oil needs to be applied sparingly.  It should be applied to a lint free cloth, the cloth being squeezed in order to saturate it in preparation for wiping on the metal surfaces.  If the cloth is unable to reach in areas such as crevices or holes, brush the oil into these with an old toothbrush set aside for this purpose.  You can also use a needle oiler bottle obtainable from your local hardware store, gun shop or a supplier of good gunsmithing equipment.  It will take some time for the carrier oil to dry, leaving a non-tacky dry grease layer on the oiled parts.

If a firearm is disassembled for cleaning or servicing, when reassembling, wipe or brush each part, including all internal parts, inside frames or receivers, lightly with Aquila Oil.  This will ensure that they will stay in pristine condition.  Aquila Oil will not oxidise, become thick and tacky or interfere with the functioning in any way.

Useful Information

Should Aquila Oil stand for an extended period, you will notice sediment forming.  This is easily rectified by shaking the bottle well until the contents are once again mixed and ready for use. In areas where there is severe cold weather, it may thicken to such an extent that it will not exit the nozzle of the bottle should you have one of our earlier containers.  This can be easily remedied, by either exposing the bottle to warm sunlight or alternatively standing the bottle in a bowl of hot water till it sufficiently thins.

Manufactured by:

Chris Evans
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Port Elizabeth

[Past Chairperson: South African Gunowners Association (SAGA), Chairperson: Southern African Arms and Ammunition Collectors Association (SAAACA) (Eastern Cape), Executive committee member of the South African Arms and Ammunition Dealers Association (SAAADA), member of the American Society for Law Enforcement Training (ASLET), member of Police Marksman Association (PMA), member of the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association (ILEETA)]

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