Aquila Arms and Ammunition cc

Aquila Arms and Ammunition cc was registered in November 1994 as the trading section of the Aquila Services Group. The Close Corporation trades as Aquila Arms.

Aquila Arms provides a wide variety of products and services for the sports shooting, hunting, law enforcement, security and civilian markets.

Products include firearms, air arms, ammunition, hunting equipment, rifle and handgun safes, gun cases, holsters and gun bags, reloading equipment and requisites, firearm related and outdoor optical equipment, police equipment, camping gear, safety and personal security equipment, etc.   

Also catered for, are those black powder enthusiasts who thrive on the experience of shooting yesteryear's rifles, shotguns and handguns either during a hunt or for recreational purposes.

Aquila Arms is also a leader in firearms related collectible items as it has a close relationship with various Arms & Ammunition and Cartridge Collectors Associations.