Black powder firearms

We regret to inform that we currently have no stock of the firearms below, but the muzzle loading unit standard has been implemented and once the situation for the transportation of the necessary propellant normalises, we will once again try to supply most imported muzzle loading rifles, shotguns and pistols which are currently very scarce to source. There is also a replacement Explosives Act which we believe is not yet in force at this present time. 


Ardesa, Spain

Hawken, cal. .45in

Kentucky, cal .45in

Deli Gun House, India

Enfield Model Pattern 1858, 3 band infantry, cal .58in

Pedersoli, Italy

Country Hunter, cal. .50in


Ardesa, Spain

Pedersoli, Italy


Uberti, Italy

Colt Patterson 1836, cal. .36in

Colt Walker 1847, cal. .44in

Colt Dragoon 1st Model, cal. .44in

Colt Dragoon 2nd Model, cal. .44in

Colt Dragoon 3rd Model 1848, cal. .44in

Colt Pocket Model 1849, cal. .36in

Colt Navy Model 1851, cal. .36in

Colt Army Model 1860, cal. .44in

Colt Navy Model 1861, cal. .36in