Registered assessors & moderators

Currently the following are registered with the Safety & Security Sector Education & Training Authority (SASSETA) and the South African Professional Firearm Trainers Council (SAPFTC):

C D Evans ID No 460810 5008 086 : Full registration as an Assessor, Moderator and Verifier

Assessor Registration Number: 19A05300411

Moderator Registration Number: 19M15930506 

Verifier Registration Number: 19V25850602

C van Greunen ID No 620216 5987 087 : Full registration as an Assessor

Assessor Registration Number: 19A30390608

External Moderator

A Fuller ID No 520923 5010 081 : Full registration as an Assessor, Moderator and Verifier

Moderator Registration Number: 19M08230504