Remember our past team


A wonderful "people person" who related on an individual level with clients, Ros was a member of the Aquila Arms & Ammuniton cc and one of the hardest workers we knew. She took time to listen to client enquiries and went out of her way to provide that particular individual or corporate client with impeccable and  professional service. She really was one person who went "the extra mile" to ensure client satisfaction. She was fully qualified and held a competency certificate for handgun, rifle and shotgun use.  Her energy and drive were contagious and she set a high standard for the rest of us.


We are sad to advise that our friend and colleague, Clive Edmond Ek, passed away on the afternoon of 20 August 2008 after a protracted battle with illness. We send our sincere condolences and very best wishes to his wife and partner of many years, Pearl and to his family.  He leaves a large gap that will difficult to fill.  

Clive, our gunsmith, a man of many years experience, had a long and fruitful relationship with us.  When Aquila Services Group came into being in 1994, Clive, who was at that time not working for us full time, contracted to assist us meet our client's gunsmithing needs.  With a professional background in mechanical engineering and as a long time passionate provincial Bisley rifle shottist, he really knew his way around rifles and how to achieve the best out of them.  This has been a major plus for those who were looking for quality work when preparing their hunting rifles for that next hunting season.  He had also, over many years of personal interest in the design and complexities of air arms, developed into the best gunsmith we know, when it comes to their repair and restoration.  Because of his many years of experience in the field of repairing firearms he was able to work quickly, was always willing to assist and extremely innovative when confronted with gunsmithing problems.


Valencia, or Pumla, is qualified in the use of handguns, rifles and shotguns. She has been a member of the team for nearly a decade and has many wonderful talents, one of which is her remarkable ability to professionally service and restore the finish to firearms without gunsmithing skills. She is a treasured asset to our team, as she is able to assist us provide you with the service you require in so many practical ways.  


Ntombi is developing her skills in working with people as the Personal Assistant (PA) to the Academy Director.  She was largely responsible to maintain the Aquila Training Academy's learner and client data base, ensure the smooth running of our learner programme filing systems, follow up on outstanding documentation and liase with both clients and the Education & Training Quality Assurance body (ETQA) of the SASSETA and SAPFTC.  She is youthful, vibrant and enthusiastic and applies herself committedly to learning the dynamic process of a growing education and training service provider and the outcomes based education (OBE) environment.