Anti hijacking techniques against cash-in-transit heists

The Academy has researched, evaluated, modified and developed some of the best available information and skill training for those who live and work daily in this extremely high risk environment.  We see, hear and read constantly how criminals are becoming more and more well prepared and blatant in their attacks on those who transport large amounts of cash and which often severely endanger the lives of those targeted.

Below is an introduction given to the security division of a major corporate client at one of the workshops we held on cash-in transit heists:


On behalf of the Aquila Training Academy, may I welcome you all to this Anti Hi-jacking Techniques workshop on cash-in-transit-heists.

In this manual we will not prescribe to you what you should, or should not do in a violent confrontation. What we will do, however, is to offer some alternatives and guidelines on improving your current level of combative skills.

Many well-known authors have written a great deal of literature on the subject of combat survival in an urban environment, and we will explain some of their ideology.  By working through this manual, we hope that you will acquire further skills that will help you to: 

1) survive an armed assault on your vehicle, and

2) successfully minimise the success rate of armed robberies.

It is however important to state that NO amount of training will be of any use to you if you do not take the time to practise the techniques you have acquired, over and over again, until they become second nature. Practising what you learn is vital, because under the pressure of a life-threatening situation, you will be in no position to “first study the manual”.

Our philosophy behind the manual is most appropriately described by a quote from Bruce Lee:

“Study everything, use what is useful, reject what isn’t, and add what is specifically your own”