Executive anti hijacking training

Executive and Corporate Anti-Hijacking Course

Some introductory notes

This training is an investment for your Company.

You will not exactly know the personnel, media and logistical material cost to your business, should it not happen.  But if it does, besides the direct cost of having a skilled person out of action, the medical costs, the mental trauma to the victim and their families, the time lost in their productive participation, the ongoing administrative process with insurance companies, the time spent with the police and in the court system, the litigation costs, etc., there are also indirect costs, such as the psychological effect on others in the workplace, the media coverage the event will bring, finding someone to take on the responsibilities normally assumed by the victim, having to stretch your manpower or personnel resources, etc.

Some of the questions that are addressed during the workshop are the following:

What lies behind these hijackings?

Who are these hijackers?

Are there different types of hijacking?

Why has there been an increase in hijackings over the past 5 years?

When am I the most vunerable?

What preventative measures can I take regarding my property?

What preventative measures can I take regarding my vehicle?

What preventative measures can I take regarding my family?

What preventative driving habits can I develop?

Should I carry a firearm?

What about the use of cellular or mobile phones?

How should I react If I am being followed?

How should I respond in the event of being hijacked?

What can I expect after the attack?

These and many other tactical response considerations are discussed during this two day event to ensure that those attending are fully informed of current trends.  Once properly educated, your personnel will be in a better position to pre-empt events that could endanger their personal safety.

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