Shooting range conduct & use

Upon arrival at the premises, you will be requested to read, understand, agree to and comply with the following conditions and instructions

Range safety rules

General as well as specific safety requirements for the shooting range are laid down in this set of range safety rules. These rules are displayed at the firing point and at the entrance to the Range.

Types of firearm and ammunition allowed on the Range

All handguns, rifles, carbines and shotguns may be used. No cartridges loaded with tracer or metal piercing bullets are permitted on the shooting range.

Safety measures

Once the door is closed, the extraction system activated and a red warning light located above the entrance to the Range is switched on, the Range is to be considered as in use. Once shooting is completed, the light will be extinguished, the door opened and the extraction system turned off.

Rules of conduct for shooters

No person entering the Range may be under the influence of either alcohol or drugs.

Smoking and handling of any naked flame on the Range is prohibited.

Only individuals who have signed in are entitled to handle a firearm or shoot on this Range.

Eye and hearing protection shall be worn during shooting.

The appointed Range Officer (RO) is solely in control of the Range

Instructions given by the Range Officer shall be complied with unconditionally.

Firearms shall only be loaded at the firing point on instructions from the Range Officer with the barrel pointing at the bullet trap.

No loaded firearm may be put down or placed on a shooting table.

Only the targets provided shall be fired at.

No shooting shall be done at targets or any other item placed on the floor of the Range, since this poses a ricochet hazard.

Turning around with a loaded firearm is forbidden.

Under no circumstances may firearms be handled whenever anyone is in front of the firing point.

Firearms shall be holstered, or put down unloaded, whenever shooting is interrupted.

Other people's firearms shall not be touched without the express permission of that owner.

Range commands and signals used

To ensure you understand the commands and signals used on the Range, please note:

“All shooters on the firing line!” means that the Range Officer calls everyone to take their place and ensures that everyone is in their shooting positions on the firing line.

“The Range is closed!”  means that shooting is now about to begin, and no-one may step in front of the firing line.

“You will fire five rounds, in a time of ten seconds!”  The Range Officer fully explains the exercise and verifies that everyone understands.

“Load and make ready!”  means that shooters on the firing line may prepare and fully load their firearm for shooting.

“Standby!” means that shooters on the firing line must prepare for firing.

“Fire!”, a whistle blow or an electronic beep means that shooters on the firing line can begin or commence firing.

“Cease Fire!”  means that shooters on the firing line must immediately stop firing.

“Unload!”  means that shooters on the firing line must unload, make their firearms safe and check them.

“Prepare for inspection!” means that shooters ensure that the slide is locked back, their elbow is indexed against their hip, the firearm is held at waist height with the trigger finger alongside the ejection port and the muzzle pointing at the target.

“Slide forward, hammer down and holster”  Whilst pointing the firearm toward the backstop wall, the shooters on the firing line must allow their slides to travel forward under control, depress the hammer back with their supporting hand while pressing the trigger, allow the hammer forward under control and finally return their firearms to their holsters.

“The Range is Safe!”  means that shooters may now move forward to check the hits on their targets or to patch their targets.

If the Range Officer wants you to stop firing, he/she will give the command, “Cease Fire!” or he/she may use a whistle blow. Whichever he/she chooses to use, he/she will point out to you before you start firing. When you hear the command, you are to stop firing immediately!