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The Dangerous Weapons Act/Notice is scheduled for debate on "Interface" SABC TV3's topical affairs programme at 7:30pm on Sunday 16 March, 2008.


Please watch it with your brain in gear, and if possible, respond rationally to any irrational and emotional outpourings which masquerade as facts.


Although SAGA was approached, and although they informed the Show's producers of the existence of a special interest group - the Blade, Tool & Sporting Goods Forum (BTGS) - that has been established to represent the trade and consumers of the proposed list of 'dangerous weapons', the producers, in their wisdom, have apparently decided to invite only representatives of the Human Rights Commission, Gun Free South Africa, and the Democratic Alliance to participate in the debate.


As important 'interested parties', SAGA and BTGS believe that, to give the Show a semblance of balance, at least one of their representatives should have been included. SAGA has protested to the SABC and we trust they will ensure that future radio/tv debates on this now 'Burning Issue' will be more even-handed.

Please try to watch this programme and respond rationally to any invitation for the public to phone, SMS, or e-mail comments. The direct contact numbers will presumably appear on screen. The usual e-mail address is 

Here is some related legislation that we think is necessary for you to know as a prospective or current firearm owner in South Africa.

Note carefully that these are extracts from the relevant legislation and are neither comprehensive in any way nor is any commentary made to be absolutely relied on.

We offer this information purely as a service, but accept no liability for the accuracy of either the content or any interpretation if made, and recommend that you approach a registered attorney to verify the information given.

Here is a link to the proposed changes to the Dangerous Weapons Act. The document we received (21 February 2008), is General Notice 158 of 2008 dated 1 February 2008, Gazette No 30717 which allows comment within six weeks from the date of publication.  This effectively means that we have until 13 March 2008 to submit comment.

Proposed amendments to the Dangerous Weapons Act, 1968 (Act 71 of 1968)   [.pdf]

Please read and note them carefully and then submit your comments to :

Postal address:
Director J Slabbert
South African Police Service
Legal Support: Crime Operations
Private Bag X94
Pretoria   0001


Street address:
Room No 34
3rd Floor
Presidia Building
255 Pretorius Street
Cnr Paul Kruger and Pretorius Street

The Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996   (Act 108 of 1996) - Chapter 2  The Bill of Rights

Sections of the Criminal Procedure Act, 1977   (Act 51 of 1977)   [.pdf]

The Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993   (Act 85 of 1993)   [.pdf]

The Regulation of Gatherings Act, 1993   (Act 205 of 1993)   [.pdf]

The Domestic Violence Act, 1998   (Act 116 of 1998)   [.pdf]

The Private Security Industry Regulation (SIRA) Act, 2001   (Act 56 of 2001)   [.pdf]

The Private Security Industry Regulations (SIRA), 2002   [.pdf]

The Dangerous Weapons Act, 1968   (Act 71 of 1968)   [.pdf]

Private Defence under Common Law   [.pdf]

The law of common humanity   [.pdf]

The reasonable person test   [.pdf]

The Continuum of force   [.pdf]

Vicarious Liability   [.pdf]

Criminal versus Civil cases   [.pdf]