Cleaning equipment

In order to keep your firearm in pristine condition so that it may remain reliable for that hunt or even defensive use when called upon, we can access stock to good quality cleaning equipment, solvents and lubricating oils.

Besides being the manufacturer and stockist of one of the best preventative lubricants on the market, Aquila Oil, we have access to stock of a range of other well known products for cleaning and lubricating your firearms, such as Hoppes solvents, Klever Ballistol,

We have been stocking a large range of Parker Hale products such as phoshor bronze brushes, wool mops and jags which have now become difficult to source.

We have access to stock of a range of cleaning rods, phosphor bronze brushes and slotted jags from suppliers in calibres ranging from .177in/4,5mm for air arms to .50in/12,7mm in centrefire rifles and handguns.  Further, we can generally access larger bore cleaning brushes, wool mops and jags for shotguns up to 10 bore.