Advice and assistance

As we have had the privilege of being in and serving the firearm and shooting fraternity for many years, even prior to the formation of the Aquila Service Group, we wish to make our expertise available to you, the client.

As those who have had experience in competitive sports shooting and hunting, we are able to assist you in making a better informed choice when it comes to choosing the right firearm for a particular purpose.  We have access to a great deal of expertise which may assist you coming to a decision if you are not entirely sure or alternatively are confused by what a variety of individuals have told you.  We are also able to share with you our expertise in the field of reloading cartridges and advise you as to which equipment would better serve your needs. 

We have had an association with international pro firearm groups since 1992 when Chris Evans was phoned and invited to represent South Africa at the first Conference on International Firearms Legislation, which was held on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia in 1993.  Through his association with the South African Gunowners Association (SAGA) as Regional Chairperson of the Eastern Cape for more than a decade and a half, and later as National Chairperson, he has had the privilege of remaining informed regarding trends in global programmes to curtail the civilian ownership of firearms

He has, over the years, made several personal contacts and acquaintances with those individuals who remain current with events that could directly affect you in the firearm pursuit of your choice, whether it be hunting, sport or less formal recreational shooting, the collecting of guns or even self defence.

We try to remain current with legislation controlling firearms here in South Africa and are continually being called upon by individuals requiring assistance in this field.

We further, as private collectors of firearms, have access to a great deal of information and expertise on the history and development of firearms.

Another specific area of expertise we have is in the restoration and refurbishing of old guns.  We take pride in ensuring that these historical pieces are carefully and lovingly restored to enhance their ongoing collectable value.