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Reutersward's revolver erected outside the United Nations buildings in New York City USA depicting how to resolve violence in society
Another view of the 'memorial' equating firearms with violence
This statue was unveiled in July 2000 in Trafalgar Square, London UK and dedicated to the memory of John Lennon. The football star David Ginola unveiled the sculpture in an event organised by the Non-Violence Foundation International, set up in Sweden in 1993

To properly understand the pressures leading to the changes that have come and are further proposed to legislation controlling firearm ownership by civilians in our country South Africa, it is important to monitor and see what is happening in the global firearm control context.

We also need to be aware of the huge amount of funding being directed into the cause of civilian disarmament in the name of "safer global societies" or alternatively so called "world peace". Many times, large amounts of civilian tax payers’ money are contributed by governments that are supportive of the eradication of firearms from the hands of the very people who keep them in power through the democratic voting process.

We also recognise that there are many well intentioned individuals, some coming from traumatised backgrounds where they have personally, or alternatively a friend, colleague or family member has been a victim of someone who has misused a firearm, either criminally or negligently, who are working zealously in many organisations for "a better quality of life" in societies around the globe. We have learned that the Bible has given us some great counsel in Proverbs 19:2, "Zeal without knowledge is not good; a person who moves too quickly may go the wrong way." (New Living Translation)

The Aquila Services Group has and will continue to work towards a society which is ordered, principled and just, that exercises tolerance of individual differences which are not malicious and harmful to others, and recognises the dignity of individuals to live both free and responsibly.

We will, however, not name, shame and blame the TOOL, in this case the firearm, for the conduct of the individual who disregards common decency, the rule of law and the value of human life. We, like all other rational thinking and reasonable people desiring an ordered and just society founded and maintained on Godly principles, are concerned about and deplore gun violence.

We also understand that the so called "gun issue" developed and propagated by social engineers, really has nothing to do with the firearm, the demonised inanimate objects made from metal, wood and synthetic materials as the anti-gun advocates would have us believe, but is a smoke screen reponse to rectifying a fundamentally human behavioural problem (the politically correct term would be 'challenge') where individuals use tools against other human individuals for a variety of reasons.

We have received many of the following reports via Tom Mason, the Executive Secretary (USA) of the World Forum on the Future of Sport Shooting Activities, to whom we are most grateful. 

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