Legally Armed services

LAPE Port Elizabeth situated in the Eastern Cape offers the following services:

We can assist you with the latest information and procedures in terms of the 2019-2020 Firearm Amnesty and prepare your new licence (SAPS271) application for your firearm for which you hold an expired licence.

  •  We have an agreement with a training academy that assists in the training of new firearm owners as per the requirements of new amended firearm legislation
  •  We assist new and current firearm owners with the application and/or renewal of their competency certificates (SAPS 517) which expire on relative licence expiry
  •  We assist the new firearm owner with the application of their licence (SAPS 271) together with the motivation and added documentation needed for a succesful application
  • We assist the current firearm owner with the reapplication of their licence (SAPS 517e/Annexure A ito s24 of the Act) together with the motivation and added documentation needed for a succesful application
  •  Renewal firearm applications
  • Application for accreditation, eg. Dedicated sportsman, hunter, etc., including all relevant motivation and paperwork (SAPS 519) 
  • Application for importing and exporting of firearms (SAPS 520) 
  • Accreditation of institutions/business and farms (SAPS 519a) 
  • Applications for the deactivation of firearms
  • Applications for the destruction of firearms
  • Handling of appeals
  • Valuation of firearms
  • Legal transportation of firearms
  • Storage of firearms as prescribed by the law
  • Assistance of any out of the ordinary situation relating to firearms
  • We have an agreement with a firearms dealer making it possible for us to transfer ownership nearly immediately if needed

    Our mission is to try and create a one stop solution for our client.