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The Aquila Services Group offers a variety of quality services and products.

Aquila Assessment Centre

The Aquila Assessment Centre came into being with the development of national qualifications and standards being set by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) for education and training.  The Aquila Assessment Centre complies fully with the necessary requirements to both assess and moderate unit standards for which it is registered with the South African Professional Firearm Trainers Council (SAPFTC) and the Safety & Security Sector Education & Training Authority (SASSETA), which is mandated to monitor and ensure the quality of the programmes delivered.  The Aquila Assessment Centre is accredited with the South African Police Services (SAPS) through the Aquila Training Academy.

Aquila Training Academy

The Aquila Training Academy was formed in December 1994 for the equipping of those in need of instruction, education and training in both the corporate environment and private sector in order to secure and maintain their personal safety. This training has grown from early beginnings to include a spectrum from basic self defence and firearm handling skills to advanced tactical training for police officers, law enforcement and security personnel.  We specialise in civilian training from basic to advanced and have over the past two decades developed modules especially to meet the needs of women.

Aquila Shooting Club

The Aquila Shooting Club, constituted in July 2000, grew out of the necessity for creating an opportunity of ongoing practice for those who had previously received quality instruction in the use of firearms and wanted to remain proficient and practiced in their shooting skills.

Aquila Arms

Aquila Arms was registered in November 1994 as the trading arm of the Aquila Services Group of enterprises. Aquila Arms provides a wide variety of products and specialist services for the sports shooting, hunting, law enforcement , security and civilian markets. Firearms, ammunition, hunting equipment, rifle and handgun safes, gun cases, holsters and gun bags, reloading equipment and requisites, firearm related and outdoor optical equipment, camping gear, safety and personal security equipment, etc.  Also catered for are those black powder enthusiasts who thrive on the experience of shooting yesteryear's rifles, shotguns and handguns either during a hunt or for recreational purposes. Aquila Arms is also a leader in firearms related collectible items.

Aquila Manufacturing

Aquila Manufacturing is the manufacturer and supplier of our amazing Aquila Oil, which product has been made and tested against many other competitive products over the last twenty years, even prior to the formation of the Aquila Services Group.  Aquila Oil has proven to be superior, out last and out perform the rust preventative qualities of all of its competitors.

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