Client Services

Professional Gunsmithing

  • Gunsmithing
    We have access to off-site registered gunsmiths with years of experience who provides quality gunsmithing; rifle, shotgun and handgun repairs; stock repacking and repair; scope mounting; action and trigger tuning; a barrel conditioning service; restoration of antique firearms; firearm servicing; etc.

Firearm storage

  • Storage of firearms
    We temporarily are unable to offer to store firearms at R100 per unit per month or portion thereof, while you are moving home, awaiting the finalisation of an estate, or whatever. Due to our recent move we are unable to access our facility which is fireproof, SAPS approved and electronically monitored with armed response.

Advice and assistance

  • Professional advice and assistance 
    We offer more than just sales – we offer a service based on decades of experience in either recreational, hunting, sport or defensive shooting. We also offer advice based on well-researched information regarding collector’s items. We offer our clients advice and assistance with firearm, calibre and firearm optics selection, black powder shooting information, reloading equipment and components.