Aquila Manufacturing is a relatively small part of our enterprise with potential for tremendous growth and although we have been making Aquila Oil even since before the Aquila Services Group was formed in 1994, we are positioning ourselves in the market as the manufacturer of one of the finest preventatives and lubricants for the prevention of corrosion and rust on metalllic products, both ferrous and non-ferrous. 

Not only is Aquila Oil probably the best oil you'll ever use for this purpose, but we have received reports from clients who have used Aquila Oil as a superior honing oil for sharpening knives, as a rust and corrosive preventative on the tuning keys on musical instruments, on exterior locks exposed to extreme weather elements, and so on.

Currently we are producing only this amazing product, but have over the last few years done a fair amount of research and development on others. 

We will keep you informed of new developments.