Anti hijacking training

Vehicle hijacking and cash-in-transit heists are a serious economic problem here in South Africa.  Not only does this country suffer huge financial losses, but more importantly, those who are victim to these events are often killed, seriously injured or as a survivor, traumatised to such an extent that they find it difficult to function normally in society.

We, at the Aquila Training Academy, try to stay at the cutting edge when it comes to offering our clientele training to either pre-empt, avoid, evade or confront these events.  We offer training in three main areas.

We train civilians who feel they will benefit from these anti-hijacking workshops because of their job requirements and work environment which possibly include a large amount of travelling in a vehicle.  Such people are business executives, sales and marketing personnel, company representatives, estate agents, home executives fetching and carrying children, taxi drivers, etc. 

Secondly, we offer a modification of the first programme which specifically addresses the needs of a large company or corporation that require their personnel to be properly informed and skilled in order to reduce opportunities for hijackers and better prepare them for such confrontations should they face them. This is called our executive and corporate anti-hijacking course.

The third specialist group are those members of the security industry who are tasked to transport large sums of money, often in armoured vehicles which are targeted for cash-in-transit heists.  These people face exceptionally high risk to their personal security from some highly organised and equipped individuals who work in teams and carry out their attacks with military precision.