Products available at Aquila Arms

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Firearms & ammunition

Rifles, Shotguns and Handguns

We offer a large range of new and preowned firearms in a variety of different action types for purchase.

We have self-loading, bolt, pump and lever-actioned rifles and shotguns from well known international makers.  We stock a large range of self-loading pistols and revolvers in calibres from .22 rimfire to .45 calibre in a variety of finishes.


We stock all commonly used hunting rifle calibre ammunition and if we do not have what you need in stock, we undertake to obtain it for you if it is available in the country, within seven working days.  We also stock handgun and shotgun ammunition and try to obtain the most appropriate effective defensive handgun rounds as and when they become available. 

Please note that all firearms and ammunition are subject to legislation and may only be transported by a registered courier or the licence holder of the firearm for which the ammunition is intended for use. 

Muzzle loading firearms and accessories

Black powder firearms

When the deregulation of muzzle loading firearms took place on 1 July 2004, there was a tremendous growth of interest by the public in these historically actioned firearms.  Modern replicas of many yesteryear rifles, shotguns and handguns were readily available from Asian, European and North American makers as they were sourced and imported by local importers. Since the change in legislation in 2012 requiring the owner or user to be in possession of a muzzle-loading competency certificate, very few are available. If the firearm you want is available, we will ensure that we will make every effort to obtain it for you.  We try to keep a variety of better quality pre-owned muzzle loading firearms in stock when we can.

Muzzle loading accessories

The large variety of imported and locally made muzzle loading accessories that were available earlier are more difficult to source.  Due to lower market demand, we source products from Pedersoli and Bushbuck Trading, a Western Cape based maker of fine replica accessories as required. 

Accessories, equipment & other products


We offer a small variety of SABS approved safes for firearm storage.

Firearm accessories

Gun Cases, rifle bags and slings, holsters, magazine pouches, sling swivels, recoil pads, etc.

Firearm optics

We offer a range of riflescopes, handgun scopes, rangefinders, binoculars, spotting scopes, etc.

Reloading Equipment

RCBS, Lyman, Hornady, Lee, Forster, MTM are some of the manufacturers we stock.  We have a range of propellants, primers, cartridge cases and bullets available for reloaders. We also have once fired cases at reduced prices.

Cleaning Equipment

Aquila is the home of Aquila Oil, the BEST product you'll find for lubricating and preserving your guns and any outdoor equipment you may use for hunting, fishing or camping, from the elements.  We stock Parker Hale, Ram products

Knives and sharpening equipment

It is so important if you are a hunter in the field, a sports shooter on the range, a paramedic or law-enforcement officer trying to free the victim of a motor vehicle accident, or just someone who attends social functions with your friends, to have a good quality knife, folding or otherwise, which remains sharp and cuts when you need it.  We know that there is nothing quite as frustrating as managing to find a knife when you urgently need to cut something, and then having to saw away with a blunt blade.  We have been selling knives and sharpening equipment for the past 25 years and endeavour to ensure we can meet most of your needs when it comes to "a good blade."

Police, law enforcement and security products

As we have had an extended and long relationship with those who serve in the police and law enforcement, we try to supply only quality equipment to these public servants.  Equipment such as body armour, tactical vests, flashlights, handcuffs, handgun holsters, expandable batons, etc are readily available.

Self defence products

We stock some of the very best quality products for your personal protection.  We are specialists in pepper spray and are constantly scrutinising and monitoring the development of this remarkable foodstuff to ensure that we can give you the most effective and consistent product available.